Welcome to Electric Apple Designs

This is the official home for my portfolio and for whatever projects I finished or am currently working on. Feel free to take a look around the place! And don't be afraid to contact me if you might be interested in collaborating on something together, or even if you'd like to say hello. Any kind of feedback is always welcome.

Enjoy your stay!


News & Updates

10/24/13 - We're back again! I've updated the site again with a new section to the Gallery section, Apparel Design!In it is all the designs to date that I've done for NerdKungFu.com, and hopefully more shirts in the future.

Again, please contact me if there are any problems or broken links at: kkrausdesigns@gmail.com.

8/10/13 - Wow, it's been a LONG while! I'd like to apologize for such a long absence, 2013 has not been an easy year for me so far. I've been dealing with looking for work again, and I'm trying to figure out what direction my life should go. I'm hoping that things will look up soon, hopefully very soon.

I've given the website a very-needed update! Added a few more recent designs to the Gallery, removed the Twitter widget (I have a new Twitter account which you can follow here), updated my work history under Work, and added more links for the Links section as well as fixed the e-mail links here in the News section. If there are any broken links or errors pleae contact me at: kkrausdesigns@gmail.com.

7/2/12 - Whew, it's been a while hasn't it? Well I've finally had a chance to get back here and update Electric Apple. I've updated my resume in the Work section, and added a new illustration and comic page in the gallery. I've also added a new section to the gallery, "Character Designs", as well as a few sketches and a vehicle mock up in that section! If there are any broken links or mistakes please contact me at: kkrausdesigns@gmail.com.

3/5/12 - Happy New Year everyone! Finally had a chance to update the site with two new comic pages in the Sequentials section and two illustrations in Illustrations! I've also added a link to my web comic Drop Dead Vince's web shop, the Drop Dead Shop, in the Links section! Enjoy, I'll be adding more to the Gallery in the not-so-distant future!

11/3/11 - Life's been pretty busy for me lately, but here I am again! I've added a few more pieces to the Gallery under Sequentials and Illustration. I'll be adding more work in the future, I hope you'll enjoy!

7/18/11 - Whew, it's been pretty busy for me lately! Thankfully I finally have the gallery fixed and organized for your viewing pleasure. I'll be adding more of my work to it sometime soon. If there still are any broken links or images, please contact me at: kkrausdesigns@gmail.com.

6/29/11 - The Gallery has been entirely redone! Now everything is under its own section to make it much easier for you to view my work. I've also updated it with more of my personal artwork and several more projects I've done for school. If you are having any problems with the new Gallery layout, or if there are any links that are not working, please contact me at: kkrausdesigns@gmail.com.

6/16/11 - The Professional Works section has been updated with some freelance work I have done for Game Developer magazine. I also updated the Work page with information about Game Developer.

5/24/11 - I'd like to apologize for the huge gap of time since my last update. I was having some issues with my server and I was finally able to get it fixed just recently. There will be more updates for the site on the way!

3/24/11 - Whew, it's been a hectic month. Thankfully, the gallery's finally fixed and ready to view without delay! If any of you still have difficulty with viewing any of the material there, please e-mail me here: kkrausdesigns@gmail.com

3/2/11 - Welcome! Electric Apple Designs is finally up and ready to go! However, the thumbnails in the gallery are still being worked on at the moment, so if any links are broken please contact me and let me know.